Solid oral forms


Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Pharmaceutical forms: tablets, capsules and powders
  • Technologycal operations: blending, direct compression, high shear granulation, tableting, encapsulation of hard gelatine capsules
  • Standard bulk size: 50 - 200 kg
  • Commercial batch size of final product: 10,000 - 100,000 

Packaging Presentations and Formats

  • Variety of primary packaging (blisters, sachets, bottles) and final packaging 
  • Blisters packs: Material PVC/PVDC/PP/Aclar/ALU foils. Blister depth 10 mm. Blister minimum dimensions 30*80 mm, maximum dimensions 60*130 mm. In-line camera system. Secondary packaging; min (20x15x50 mm) - max (115x90x150 mm).
  • Sachets: wimm). 
  • The number of blisters and sachets adaptable to custom requirements, as well as adding of various elements 

Production Environment

  • Bulk preparation and filling process in Class D (EU GMP).
  • Total area 650 m2; Class D 440 m2

Equipment Capabilities

  • Different type granulators; one step - high share 300 L, oscillating and rotating 
  • V-blenders (40-400 l)
  • Two tableting machines; output max 200,000/h, diameter up to 20 mm  
  • Capsules filling machine 1,500 caps/min
  • Gravity feed of equipment
  • Blistering machine: max output 240 blisters/min 
  • Sachet filling machine: max output 200 sachets/min
  • Semi-automatic bottle filling machines"


Spare capacity


  • Variety of formats and packaging presentation
  • Flexibility in filling and packaging processes by easy switching between different formats