Semi-solid forms 


Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Pharmaceutical forms: ointment, cream, gel, soap and lotion.
  • Completely automated and monitored process; predefined recipes, in-line reports, electronic archive.
  • Filling in line with the packaging process
  • Standard bulk size: 200.0 - 750.0 kg
  • Commercial batch size: 2,000 - 30,000 pcs 

Packaging Presentations and Formats

  • Filling volume: 1.5 - 350 ml
  • Tube diameter: 10-52 mm (metal tubes up to 40 mm)
  • Tube length: 60-250 mm
  • Secondary packaging; min (15x12x50 mm) - max (90x70x200 mm)

Production Environment

  • Bulk preparation and filling process in Class C (EU GMP).
  • Total area 240 m2; class D/C 180 m2
  • Equipment Capabilities
  • Mixers, double-insulated tanks 1-200 l, turbo homogenizers 50 – 750 l (operate under -1 to 3 bar). Integrated weighing system.
  • Tube filling and packaging in line, capacity up to 3,000 tubes/h, temperature controlled, different closing mode (triplex, saddle fold), two-sided printing of variable data


Spare capacity


  • Bulk preparation and filling process in GMP Class C (possibility of producing sterile products with terminal sterilization).
  • Flexibility of the filling and packaging process by easy switching between different formats, even in case of the same batch. 
  • Variety in bulk processing (dissolving and suspending technics for APIs, controlled particle size, multi-step preparation)