Non sterile solution


Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Pharmaceutical forms: syrups and dermatological solutions
  • In-line filling and packaging process
  • Mixing volume: 100 - 1,800 kg
  • Commercial batch size: 5,000 - 10,000 pcs 

Packaging Presentations and Formats

  • Filling volume: up to 500 ml in glass or plastic bottles 
  • Secondary packaging; min (20x15x50 mm) - max (115x70x190 mm)

Production Environment

  • Bulk preparation and filling in EU GMP Class D
  • Total area 110 m2; Class D 65 m2 

Equipment Capabilities

  • Mixing tanks 20-2,000 l, double-insulated tank 550 l, different filtration elements
  • Filling line capacity 3,000 units/hour


Spare capacity


  • Completely automated filling and packaging line
  • Variety in-bulk processing, including herbal drug processing (maceration, pasteurization, filtration)
  • Easily adaptable packaging line for a wide range of custom packaging in automatic and semi-automatic processes (controlled line process is kept and various elements are added manually), multi-packs